LSIB's qualifications will enrich you with key aspects of business management. Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for a company, our programmes would assist you when you are looking for change. The programmes provides you with the subject knowledge and the qualification to prove your credentials, giving you a distinct advantage over the competition.

Our programmes aims at preparing you in following areas:-
Improving your dedication and commitment towards work.
Making you a knowledgeable person.
Providing skills and knowledge, thus helping you in your career development and progression.
Proving better understanding of management principles and practices.
Improving your decision making skills.
Percentage wise industries where LSMT students are engaged in:-
Industry Percentage
Finance / Insurance / Banking 23
Government / Public sector 23
Transport / Distribution / Motor 8
Education 6
Customer services / Administration 5
Telecommunications 5
Health 6
Agriculture / Food production 4
Manufacturing / Engineering 4
IT 3
Utilities 3
Constructions 3
Tourism 2
Media 2
Mining 1
Other services 7